Looking for a packaging solution that can make your dream product a reality? Welcome to the Dream range, a collection of fresh, simple and contemporary packaging styles manufactured in HDPE.

HDPE packaging is an advantageous choice for your product. The durable features, range of colour options and eco-friendly credentials of this flexible packaging solution make it hard to resist. This stylish range of HDPE bottles evolved out of a real awareness of consumer desires, product profiles, and packaging trends, giving you the confidence you need when it comes to the shelf appeal of your product. The Dream range makes the perfect packaging for active formulations as well as being suitable for a whole host of other applications. As plastic bottle suppliers in the UK, we know that in today’s world a concept must be brought to life fast, and the Dream range does this for you, providing significant new opportunities in the presentation of your products. Plastic can be easily moulded, which opens up a vast range of options for bottle sizes as well as unique bottle designs that will make your product stand out amongst the crowd. Remember, personality is key - and the Dream range enables you to create something truly unique.


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