What is a container without its closure? A bottle or jar simply won’t do its job without that final finishing touch. In order to complement our huge range of bottles and jars, we have an extremely comprehensive closure portfolio - providing you the options to further enhance your product and ensuring it meets your exact needs.

Our bottle closures are vast and varied with bottle tops, screwtops, lotion pumps, trigger sprays, and many neck sizes to suit your product requirements. For jar solutions we also offer an extensive range of jar closures and lids - the list is endless, as is the combination of products. The compatibility of your container and closure is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your product and ensuring a high-quality customer experience. Without the protection an effective closure provides, the shelf life of your product can be affected, so it's essential to make the right choice. To add further value and peace of mind we can test the compatibility of any container and closure combination in our in-house laboratory, so whether it be a lotion pump, treatment pump, atomiser or a disc-top, we can recommend the best solution.


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