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Beauty Packaging: Less is More

01/08/2019 18:21

Minimal Packaging Design

Packaging looks matter. In a world that is now faster paced than ever before, minimalistic packaging couldn’t be more popular. Modern consumers have a desire for ‘visually calming’ packaging. Traditional packaging design can be overwhelming to the senses. Practically shouting to compete for your attention on the shelf. In comparison to all that noise and chaos minimalistic packaging is quiet calmness. We live in a time of constant movement so, when we see something stationery it creates a stillness deep within us which is equivalent to visual therapy (scientific fact).

Minimalistic Packaging Rocks

Our bathroom vanities are sprinkled with products that look like sisters. Modern, monochrome and universally streamlined. A minimal design with minimal information creating maximum impact. Consumers are appreciating packaging without the extra frills, purely the information they want to see. No more, no less. Consumers want artfully packaged beauty products that deliver visible results. that look as good on the bathroom shelf as they do on their skin/ look as good as they work

Beauty isn’t just for women

Minimalistic packaging is also a popular trend hitting the male skin and beauty care markets. Packaging for men is becoming sleeker, streamlined and elegant. Rewriting the rules of gender segmentation and changing the conversation around beauty.

Georgio Armani Beauty have recently launched their minimalistic men’s range, simply named ‘Armani Men’. Just like the name, the product and the packaging are described as a “less-is-more formulation” by Beauty Packaging Magazine. Black and white. Tall and lean. Elegant and Minimal.

Mass Minimalism

When Amazon follows a trend, you know it will reach the mass population. Belei, Amazon’s brand new skin care range recently launched in America. Both the packaging design and product formulation follow a no-nonsense approach with the objective being “to help customers spend less time and money searching for the right skincare.” The fresh and modern mint green and white packaging reflects the brand’s solutions-oriented approach to skin care. Cruelty-free, fragrance-free formulas and PCR bottles in recyclable cartons can be summed up as clean beauty. Plain and simple.

Amazon Belei Minimal Beauty Packaging


Instagrammable by Design

Not a day goes by without someone somewhere snapping an Insta pic of their daily beauty regime. Minimalistic packaging design is bang on trend for lifestyle bloggers and generation selfie. The clean lines, sleek shapes and consistent colour palettes minimalistic packaging design is an Instagram influencer’s dream.


Minimal Supports Natural

At a time when consumers are focussing on what’s in the products they use on their face and skin, less is more. Combined with growing popularity for organic and natural formulations, minimal packaging design appeals to environmentally conscious consumers.

Consumers want to know where the ingredients come from in the product they use, where the materials have be sourced from; how they’ve made and who they were made by. Beauty products applied directly on the skin are under consumer scrutiny. Increasing the demand for environment-friendly products with natural formulations.


ASARAI is a prime example of a brand harnessing the power of minimal design principles. The natural skin care range comes in signature yellow packaging with dynamic typography ans is a bright reminder of the brand’s unique personality and supports the brand’s 99-100% natural, free from harmful ingredients ethos.

 Minimal Beauty Skincare Packaging Asarai

Ultimately minimalistic packaging makes it easier to communicate a brand’s values. And with a clear understanding of your values, consumers will be able to see themselves reflected in your brand. Another vote for minimalistic packaging design.


Remember: Less is more.


Feeling inspired? Contact a member of the Bluesky team today to discover how our packaging solutions can support your brand values.


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