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Airless Packaging Provides Product Protection and Extends Shelf Life

16/01/2019 11:02

Consumer demand for packaging that offers product protection and sustainability, along with ergonomic and aesthetic desirability, is at an unprecedented high. This form of packaging is becoming increasingly popular with luxury brands in the cosmetic industry, especially those with chemical-free and natural formulations, or skincare with active ingredients for the preservation of air-sensitive formulations.

Airless packaging also offers a premium and modern look that conveys functionality and luxury. It is important for brand owners to understand that consumers are searching for packaging that is aesthetically pleasing. As a brand owner, it is beneficial to offer your consumers an appealing product, as this also builds on the brand image for your business.

Consumers that purchase cosmetic products want to know their products are packaged securely, that they get the most out of the product, and that they are safe to use - airless containers offer the full package.

The benefits of an airless pumping mechanism far outweigh that of traditional pumps and make it one of the best packaging solutions on the market. Airless pumps drastically reduce contamination and deterioration caused by air exposure.

What is airless packaging?

Airless packaging dispensers are an all-in-one pump system designed to prevent air from coming into contact with the contents. Perfect for liquids, creams and serums, airless packaging protects the product inside the pump, reducing the risk of contamination and increasing product stability and shelf life.

According to a report by Transparency Market Research, the global market for airless packaging is projected to grow and reach $6.34 billion driven mainly by customer demand - particularly in the cosmetics industry.

What are the benefits of airless packaging?

Precise Dosing & Less Wastage

Airless pumps are one of the most efficient ways to dispense your product. Precise dosing and the vacuum effect means there is less wastage and ensures every last drop can be extracted easily. That means no more unscrewing the cap to scrape out what’s left in the bottom of the container!


Unlike traditional pumps where the pump is an additional element, airless dispensers have the pump built into the container. This makes airless pumps a lighter alternative and can help reduce packaging and transportation costs.

Prevents air exposure

Oxygen, although essential for human life, is packaging’s worst enemy. Airless packaging offers many solutions to counter the effects of oxygen as it provides a completely secure container that protects the contents from exposure to air. Even whilst in use, the vacuum dispensing systems ensures there is no back-flow after pumping.

Minimal Oxidisation

Metal-free path airless options ensures the liquid contents in the container do not touch any metal springs, meaning that there is minimal oxidisation of the contents and that the contents are kept well preserved, increasing their longevity.


The vacuum dispensing mechanism ensures that whether the container is stored vertically, horizontally or even upside down, this does not affect the dispensing of the product. Meaning that these pumps are suitable for travelling with, whether that’s taking your product on holiday, or to the gym.

Maximum potency of active ingredients

When a traditional container, jar or tube is opened it’s inevitable that air gets in. Exposure to air can affect the stability of product formulas containing plant extracts, vitamins, antioxidants, and other active ingredients as they begin to deteriorate when they come into contact with the air. Airless packaging protects these ingredients to keep them active and ensures the consumer continues to benefit throughout the lifespan of the product.

Chemical free

The protection offered by airless packaging means that you can use less or no chemical preservatives, making airless pumps a suitable packaging solution for organic and natural products.


Airless pumps are ideal for liquids, creams, lotions, serums and oil-based products. They are a popular packaging solution for personal brands in skin care, cosmetics and body care markets and their versatility means they are also suitable for medical and pharmaceutical applications.


Airless packaging is made from Polypropylene plastic, a recyclable material. The airless dispensing extracts the last drop of product, therefore, reducing product wastage. As well as being environmentally friendly, products can have a longer shelf life making it a sustainable choice.

No Dip Tubes

There are no dip tubes installed in airless packaging. While traditional dispensing pumps use the dip tube mechanism, airless dispensing pumps ensure the liquid is pushed through the tube when the pump nozzle is pressed. With traditional dispensing bottles, the dip tube must be cut to the length of the bottle, which adds cost and time to the process. You can avoid these pitfalls by using airless packaging.

How does airless technology work?

Airless technology is a modern dispensing application that works by drawing the product out with a vacuum dispensing effect. Airless bottles are always sealed, even when being used for dispensing. This ensures that the contents of airless pumps stay fresh as they are not exposed to air. Pressing down on the pump creates a vacuum inside the container, which pulls up a piston and forces the liquid out.

Why choose Bluesky Airless Pumps?

Here at Bluesky, we stock a range of products including chambers, caps and dispensers, to make it easy for you to create your own pump dispenser.

Our Airless Pumps have been carefully designed to offer the functionality and efficiency consumers look for in their packaging, available in standard black and white, but also offering the option of adding stylish silver and gold coloured finishes to ensure a sleek and modern look.

We also have a selection of metal-free airless pumps in our Nano and Mezzo ranges, meaning there is no risk of oxidisation from metal springs.

The Patented Self-Sealing Actuator, part of our Mezzo Range, also has an automatic sealing membrane in the pump orifice, this reduces contamination, prevents dry-out and discolouration of the formula inside the pump, increasing product stability and shelf life.


Interested in airless packaging? Get in touch with our expert team today to find the airless pump system to meet your specific requirements! Call us on 01472 240 940 or email us at

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