We know just how vital it is to find exactly the right packaging for your brand. Not only for maintaining brand perception and providing optimal product protection but also for keeping production costs under control.

Specially designed for beauty, health and wellbeing brands our supply chain collections offer a wide variety of containers and closures beyond standard stock packaging. Although we are very proud of our unrivalled stock collection, it’s physically impossible to hold production volumes of all our product lines in stock. That’s where our supply chain solutions come in. Giving you access to unlimited packaging possibilities when it comes to colours, shapes, sizes and finishes.

When you take advantage of our supply chain expertise we soothe away the supply chain nightmares and frustrations of dealing with multiple supply sources. By reducing the number of touchpoints Bluesky can help you streamline your production process, reduce lead times, minimise risk and protect your margins.  

Browse our collections, check stock ranges online or contact us for a custom quote for your project.

PET Bottle and Jar Collection

Your brand deserves maximum shelf appeal. Only the very best will do. That’s why we’ve pulled together this collection of our very best performing PET bottles and jars. Create your own iconic shapes, explore extensive customisation options or shop from stock for immediate availability.


Pill and Vitamin Jar Collection

Stand out in the market with our NEW Pill and Vitamin Jar collection. Specifically designed for pharmaceutical and nutritional brands with a unique shape and array of colours to make your packaging pop. Need packaging stock fast? Browse our standard pill and vitamin jars from stock in the Bluesky online shop.


Dispensing Collection

Look out! Our finest locking lotion pumps, foam pumps, mist and perfume sprayers all under one roof in our Azure Dispensing collection. Explore customisable decorations to transform your beauty and skin care products into desirable branded ranges. Don’t be fooled into thinking packaging from stock is boring, browse our extensive range of dispensing pump stock online.


Airless Packaging Collection

Increase shelf life and protect your product until the very last drop with airless packaging. Discover our most popular airless chambers, dispensers, collars and overcaps to create your perfect airless pump. Download the brochure to browse the collection or shop online from stock.


Aluminium Bottles & Jars Collection 

Explore the endless possibilities with Aluminium. Endlessly reusable and recyclable, aluminium is our most flexible packaging material. Completely customisable, our collection of jars, screwcans and closures know no boundaries when it comes to colours or decoration options. Shop for aluminium packaging from stock or download the brochure to explore our customised solutions.


Health & Pharmaceutical Packaging Collection  

Our specialist collection for health and pharmaceutical products has been collated to adhere to rigorous quality and hygiene standards. Offering safe, complaint, user friendly packaging which is customisable to your specific requirements. Discover the full range in our Healthpack brochure or browse availability from stock online.


Jar Collection

Give your packaging a competitive edge with our stylish jar collection. The choice is yours. Choose your material, choose your shape and style, choose your colour, choose your closure. Shop from our unrivalled stock of jars or contact us for a customised quote.


Closures Collection

Co-ordinate your closures. Just like accessories to an outfit, the right closure completes the look. From simple screw caps to sophisticated dispensing systems we have the closure combination for you. Browse our extensive stock of closures or download the full collection.


Premium Packaging Collection                                     

Intensely desirable. Radiating superior quality and timeless style, this Zenith Collection showcases our speciality products for luxury and premium beauty brands. Shelf appeal guaranteed. Selected products are available from stock, but it’s best to download the brochure to experience Zenith to the fullest.


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