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Adrian Wade
Operations Manager

Operations Manager is a key position for Bluesky as it is the part which our customers value the most about us.
Adrian’s experience in management makes him the man for the job – leading a team of individuals supporting our mission to provide customers what they need, when they need it.
Being very much a ‘people’s person’, Adrian has the ability to really motivate the team to deliver the goods.
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Barry Wade
Sales Consultant

Barry’s sales consultant role focusses primarily on new business – developing new clients and introducing them to our packaging solutions.
More than 10 years of experience in the industry means its second nature for Barry to create the perfect solution for your packaging design.
Passion for sales is Barry’s strong point – which means he can help you get your product to market and be successful.
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Caydee Willey
Sales Support

Caydee focusses the majority of her time keeping the busy samples department under control.
Our samples service is an important one when customers are developing projects so this is a key role.
With a creative eye and immense imagination, Caydee brings fantastic solutions to the table when helping the sales team with customer queries.
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Charlotte Graham
Customer Services Manager

Charlotte’s position of Customer Services Manager gives her the enjoyment of leading a happy team of people that are passionate about giving the customer the absolute best.
All of her 15 years at Bluesky have been spent serving customers so there’s not many situations she hasn’t had experience in.
With lightning efficiency, and a practical outlook on life, Charlotte is guaranteed to be able to help.
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Danny Shiels
Business Development

Key responsibility for Danny is to develop new markets for Bluesky that further extend our offering to our customers.
Danny has experience in a huge range of primary and secondary packaging options which proves to be invaluable when bringing brands to the marketplace.
His desire to be ‘hands-on’ really catalyses packaging projects – especially when working with customers at the design stage.
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Marek Piotrowski
Customer Services

Customers tell us that the thing they like most about us is our service – so Marek and the team have an important part to play.
His experience includes some time in the despatch team, giving him a brilliant grasp of the products within our range.
Need the feeling that someone genuinely cares about your packaging issues? You’ll get it with Marek.  An excellent track record of creating happy customers.
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Mick Willey

Mick manages all logistics within our operations – both inbound and outbound.  A key role to our operational success.
With extensive experience in warehousing and distribution, along with huge network of logistics professionals, Mick does a fantastic job at keeping the supply chain moving for our clients.
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Operations Team

At Bluesky, we refer to this dedicated team as the ‘well-oiled machine that delivers excellence to our clients’.
All members of the team understand how important it is that they get the right goods to the right place at the right time, every time.
Not just that, they like to go further and add some surprise elements to their work in order to make things just that little bit easier for our clients.
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Paul Gardiner
Quality Management

Quality Management is crucial for the markets we serve – product integrity is imperative. Paul takes his role very seriously in this area – and rightly so.
Being an ISO accredited company, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands when you deal with us.
Paul is a qualified Packaging Technologist making him an invaluable source of technical information for the company.
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Rhiannon Wade
Purchasing Assistant

Possibly one of the most important roles in the businesses, Rhiannon’s task of keeping our stock volume’s at optimum levels is no easy one! And it’s crucial for our customers.
With previous experience in different purchasing situations, Rhiannon has brought value to the department through improved processes and systems in order to help maximise business performance.
The ability to be tenacious and consistent in follow up puts Rhiannon in a key position for the demands of the role.
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Rodney Fleck
Sales Consultant

Rodney has a great passion for his sales consultant role, working to deliver the best solution for our clients.
Many years experience in bottle packaging means Rodney has served a huge range of clients.  Throw your situation at him and he’ll come up with the goods.
Rod only settles for the best so you’ll get nothing but quality from him.  Get in touch – your product deserves it.
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Russell Wade
Managing Director

Russell is the Managing Director here at Bluesky so he’s responsible to create the company vision and make it happen.
With 25 years of experience in the packaging industry, he’s the man for the job.  When it comes to creating a vision which supports our customer’s requirements, experience wins the day.
Russell also possesses strong management capabilities which has allowed him to orchestrate the Bluesky team successfully over the years.
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Jack Clark
Financial Controller

Jack takes responsibility for the whole finance department, heading up both the accounts payable and receivable teams.
Remaining with Bluesky for the whole of his business career, Jack has a huge bank of knowledge as to how the company works.
Efficiency is of great importance to Jack – the word ‘waste’ doesn’t feature in his vocabulary! 
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Vern Wade
Sales Consultant

Vern is one of our team of sales consultants who work hard to ensure our clients packaging promotes their product in the way it deserves.
Having worked with over 500 clients during his 12 years at Bluesky, it’s a given that he’ll come up with the solution required to promote a brand.
Customer care is a hot topic for Vern – he has an in-built desire for happy customers so you’re in safe hands.
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Wojciech Betyna
Systems & Technical

In today’s high-tech environment, we’re moving fast with the times. And Wojciech is on board to specifically look after this.
With experience in some huge warehouse operations, Wojciech brings some sterling advice to the table for which we’re very thankful.
Eye for detail goes without saying in this role and a dedication to stick to a job until it’s 100% complete.
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Dan Clark
Sales Consultant

Dan focuses on developing new business within our team of sales consultants.
His whole working career has been spent at Bluesky which of course means he has valuable experience in the trade.
A keen eye for detail puts Dan in a strong position for providing the best packaging solution to promote your brand.


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