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Product frequently asked questions

What is a disc top?

A disc top is a dispensing closure which has a circular disc in the top.  This is hinged and so can be pushed down (closed) or pushed up (open).  When open, this exposes a path for the product to exit through.

What is a flip top?

A flip top is a dispensing closure with a hinged top that ‘flips’ open.   Underneath the top cover that flips open is a hole for the product to be dispensed through.

What is an atomiser?

An atomiser is a dispensing closure which sprays the product as a very fine mist (i.e. it atomises it).  The complete unit has a dip-tube which is what the liquid is drawn up through.

What is a lotion pump?

Lotion pumps are dispensing closures used for dispensing liquids such as soaps etc.  They involve a spring mechanism which draws the liquid up a dip-tube and out of the bottle.

Why have the airless products not got a dip-tube?

Essentially, the vacuum in the chamber of an airless bottle plays the role of the dip-tube as this is what causes the piston to come up, pushing the product out.

What colour bottles are available?

The colours that are available from stock are usually shown on the product page, underneath the stock availability information.  If you’re looking for a different colour, perhaps your own unique brand colour, this can often be done but it is subject to lead times and larger minimum order quantities.

How can I tell which caps will fit the bottle I want?  

Both the bottle and the cap page will have a ‘neck size’ reference which will give you a rough guide to match to. At any point if you want confirmation, just give us a call on 01472 240940 and we’ll help you out.

What does double-walled mean?

A double-walled product is quite simply a product made with two walls, an inner and an outer.  They offer a prestige appearance and give further protection to the product inside.

What is PETG?

PETG is a form of plastic very similar to PET but with added glycol.  The glycol makes the product more impact resistant.

What are the minimum quantities for printing?

The minimum quantity for printing is generally 10,000 units although we may be able to arrange smaller quantities on some products.  Contact us on 01472 240940 when you have chosen a product and we’ll answer this question more specifically to your product.

What are the minimum quantities for embossing?

Minimum embossing quantity is usually 5000 units but this may vary on the product and the embossing required.

What are the decoration options?

Huge!  Printing, labelling, printed sleeves, embossing – and a few more.  Contact the team with your project and they’ll talk you through the best options – 01472 240940.

Service frequently asked questions

What is your minimum order value?

Our minimum invoice value is £250 before carriage and VAT.

What is your minimum order quantity?

The minimum quantity you can order of any product is dependent on the quantity in a single case - we never despatch less than 1 case.  So for example, if the quantity in a case is 500, that is the minimum order quantity for that product.

Is there a carriage charge?

Carriage is paid by Bluesky on UK mainland deliveries if your order is above £1000 before VAT.

How soon can I expect my order?

Orders received for product in our ‘Ready to ship’ range will normally be delivered within 2 working days.  The rest of our products are stocked abroad so may be subject to a lead time – the sales team will confirm this when we receive your order.

What are your credit terms?

We ask for your first order to be paid on a pro-forma basis and we accept payment by card, bank transfer or cheque. Credit account application forms are available on request.  Subject to approval of your request for credit, we operate with 30 day credit terms and will agree a credit limit suited to your requirements.

Do Bluesky print bottles?

We work very closely with all customers on getting products decorated, whether that be through printing, labelling, embossing and many other options.  We don’t hold the equipment in-house but coordinate projects through a strong network of specialists.

Do Bluesky manufacture?

No, we don’t.  We are a stockist of plastic and aluminium packaging.  We do have a manufacturing warehouse which conducts small amounts of re-working to dip-tubes and outer packaging.

Can I return goods?

Of course, please view our full returns policy in our terms and conditions here.  Broadly speaking, in the unlikely event of goods arriving having been damaged in transport, you can arrange for them to be sent back and replacements will be issued.  If you simply decide you don’t want the goods, there will be a 15% handling charge to have them returned.

How can I tell the packaging product is suitable for my liquid?

At Bluesky we have a testing laboratory in which we can get a rough guide as to the compatibility of the package.  However, we do recommend that you get professional testing done by a qualified company before you place your order as we do not have the authority to finally pass your product.

Can you export worldwide?

We can, and we have!  Over the last year we’ve exported to over 25 different countries worldwide so we’re well experienced in this.  Just send us the details of where you want the goods and we’ll make arrangements from there.

More questions?

Please contact the team on 01472 240940.

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